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A fine art portrait of an adult can be a way to honor their career and service, such as judicial portraits, military portraits, corporate portraits, portraits of governors, mayoral portraits and portraits of doctors or university presidents.

Corporate Judge PortraitFormal oil portraits of adults can be commissioned for display in institutions or corporate offices.

Family portraiture includes paintings of adults, sometimes more casual, to hang in a private home.

Since the pace of life today does not allow for hours spent posing, my procedure is the same for adult portraits as for children, including a photo session of less than an hour and at least one color session of about the same length. For oil portraits, I prepare mixtures prior to the sitting, which allows me to observe and note color where I see it.

For posthumous portraits, I try to gather many photos. Most useful is a professional photograph with classical lighting.


Elegant Adult PortraitBusiness Corporate PortraitYoung Adult PortraitWoman Professional Portrait

Adult PaintingCasual Adult PortraitPortrait of Mother and Dauther

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