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Artists have always been drawn to capture the beauty of animals. Canine paintings and equine paintings are seen throughout art history.

Labrador Retriever PortraitOur dogs, cats, horses and other animals are beloved family members. Pet portraits capture that loved friend and add a beautiful work of art to the home.

If a treasured pet has passed away, or is in a different location, I can work with existing photos. Otherwise, I like to take my own photos, outdoors or with a single light source, and close to eye level. I am looking for the beauty, dignity and the familiar expression that will greet you forever, in a dog portrait or a horse portrait.

Animal portraits give me the joyful opportunity to observe and render the anatomy and the texture of the fur.


Portrait of an Old DogLarge Dog Pastel PortraitChihuahua PortriatBoxer Dog Portrait

Mastiff PortraitTwo Dog PortraitCat Portrait

Black Lab PortraitGirl Horse PortraitChesapeak Bay RetrieverSmall Dog Portrait

Beagle PortraitAngel Dog PortraitTwo Dog Portrait

Adult with Dog PortraitBoy with Dog PortraitAnimal PortraitLong Hair Dog Portrait

Horse Pony PortraitPastel Dog PortraitSmall Toy Dog Portrait

Boys and Poodle Portrait

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