Custom Portrait Pricing

A professional custom portrait of a child, adult or animal can provide a lasting treasure, capturing a moment in time.

Betsy Stone Kirk is able to complete a custom art portrait with as few as two sessions in her Baltimore County portrait studio, or a painting can be completed from quality photographs when necessary.

Starting portrait prices are for a head and shoulders painting:

  • Pastel portraits starting at $2100.
  • Animal portraits in pastel from $800.
  • Animal portraits in oil from $950.

Oil Portraits vs. Pastel Portraits

Oil paint is pure powder pigments mixed with linseed oil.

Pastel is the same pure powder pigments mixed with a loose glue and rolled into a stick form.

The permanence is the same. The acid free pastel paper can be slightly less durable than the canvas or linen that is used for an oil painting. Therefore, UV conservation glass is used when framing pastels and they should not be hung in direct sunlight.

Acid free mats and backing should always be used in framing and the pastel paper should be separated from the glass by the thickness of a double mat or spacers in the rabbit of the frame.

When cleaning the glass, as with all pictures, spray the cloth, not the glass.

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